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OPTIMAL LOOK Eyelid Lifting Cream COLLAGENA Solution, 15 ml.
OPTIMAL LOOK Eyelid Lifting Cream COLLAGENA Solution, 15 ml.

OPTIMAL LOOK Eyelid Lifting Cream COLLAGENA Solution, 15 ml.

109,99 lei
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Introducing a new eye cream that lifts sagging eyelids, smooths wrinkles around the eyes, reduces dark circles, and lessens puffiness.

• Lifts sagging eyelids.

• Fills wrinkles around the eyes.

• Reduces dark circles and puffiness.

• Slows down the aging process for youthful eyes.

Experience the cutting-edge care for beautiful and youthful-looking skin around your eyes with OPTIMAL LOOK Eyelid Lift Cream. This innovative eye cream is designed to lift sagging eyelids, fill wrinkles, reduce dark circles, and alleviate puffiness. Its formula effectively slows down the aging process while providing deep hydration, nourishment, and maintaining the skin's structure. You'll witness immediate results thanks to the natural formula, enriched with a high concentration of active ingredients.

Here's what you need to know about the active ingredients:

Beautifeye™ (Sederma, France): This patented ingredient is renowned for its natural action in lifting sagging eyelids, a result previously attainable only through plastic surgery. It strengthens small blood vessels and stimulates collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. It enhances skin elasticity, evens the complexion, and brings a bright and youthful look to the eyes.

GLYCOLIFT® (Solabia Group, France): An innovative ingredient based on polysaccharides and matrix coactivators, delivering an immediate firming and smoothing effect. It intensively lifts sagging contours, boosts skin vitality, and enhances defense against external influences and pollution. With exceptional anti-aging properties, it provides long-lasting visible results.

Avocado Oil: This nourishing oil is packed with valuable elements that stimulate collagen production, restore elasticity, and slow down aging while preventing dehydration. It evens the complexion and leaves a beautiful appearance. Its quick absorption imparts immediate softness and freshness.

Grapeseed Oil: Known for stimulating tissue shortening and connectivity, it improves skin elasticity, combats signs of aging, and banishes tiredness from the skin. It strengthens collagen and elastin, offers hydration, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in a quickly brightened complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid: This indispensable natural ingredient is essential for skin hydration. It promotes density and the binding of structural components collagen and elastin, fortifying the protective barrier against microorganisms. It effectively fights wrinkles and sagging, ensuring well-moisturized and retained moisture skin.

COLLAGENA Collagen: This Bulgarian collagen hydrolysate is produced under a patent with scientifically proven molecular effects, effectively restoring the correct skin structure. Unlike many other collagens that create superficial effects on the skin, this Bulgarian patent collagen works deeply at a molecular level against wrinkles. Moreover, it doesn't strain the skin with extended use, eliminating the need for constant searching and replacing suitable products. Collagen plays a pivotal role in the beauty, youthfulness, and strength of our skin.

During childhood and adolescence, collagen fibers are parallel and freely movable, resulting in elastic, flexible, and smoother skin. However, as we age, the amount of water-soluble collagen in the skin decreases, leading to modified collagen, causing the skin to lose elasticity, become loose, and develop wrinkles. To counteract this natural loss, collagen supplementation through cosmetic products is essential. Clinically tested, collagen exhibits properties that activate connective tissue metabolism and stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers.

Vitamin E: This essential nutrient supports beautiful and healthy skin with its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively interrupts premature aging processes, hydrates the skin, and strengthens its natural protective barrier, maintaining a glowing and soft appearance for hours.

How to use: Apply morning and evening with light tapping on cleansed skin around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types.